The Good Kind of Viral


The thing that makes viral videos catch on so quickly is, many times, they are real life situations caught on camera. Shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos cashed in on the fact that we love seeing candid events. That’s another reason why things like seeing a son hit his father’s pitch right down the “middle” will always be funny. In SitComs, we expect this behavior and may chuckle at it but in real life, they are precious gems.

In comes YouTube, the site that lets you watch as many of these types of videos as possible. From amazing motorcycle stunts to goats sounding like people, these are the rare real world situations that won’t be missed or the negatives too old for one to properly see the images.

Two of my all-time favorite viral videos are: daft hands and The Landlord. I loved Daft hands when I first saw it simply because of how much time went into getting it correct. The commitment was serious and the outcome, phenomenal. The Landlord was another classic simply because of Pearl. She makes the video. Not much else can be said


Widgets vs. Badges


The primary difference between widgets and badges are the uses. Badges are mostly used by someone curious in seeing how much traffic their site gets via link from other site or even search engines. This gauges them against other site in the same realm of interest and governs what sites they should perhaps purchase link space. Badges can keep track of visitor and show where the visitor came from to get to said site. This is a great tool for site for something like health food. If their site is getting more traffic from or than or, they are more likely to withdraw from the healthier site and go to where their audience is.

Widgets are downloadable desktop applications that help someone do an assortment of things. From scrolling through one’s picture album to finding out stock information, there is a widget for almost anything you can think of: games, news, gossip, twitter, etc.

The best way I think a company could use a widget would be a site like There is a growing number of people that hear a song or an artist, and automatically open up iTunes, go to the iTunes store and search that artist. The widget would be a nifty was in curbing a couple of seconds off of your search, especially if there is more than one artist one is curious about. The widget could be right on the desktop and as the web viewer scrolls through pages, she can quickly type the artist’s name and have that pop up in a new window instead of having to switch back and forth between Internet browser and iTunes.

I’ve never watched this much NBC: Winter Olympics Wrap-Up


I must say, I’ve found myself watching more and more Winter Olympics these part couple of years. The PR is great; partly, I’m sure, due to the face NBC spend over $800 Million to have exclusive rights to show the different events. First I’d like for us not to forget Nodar Kumaritashvili and how precious life is. The untimely and most unfortunate passing of Nodar was not swept under the rug or turned a blindside to. I was reminded of the tragedy and I felt there was an appropriate amount of televised mourning.

Upsettingly, I missed the opening celebration of the Olympics, which I heard was amazing. Countries spend and amass fortunes from the competition and as I understand it, Canada spared no expense to thrill the audience will a visually stunning introduction to the Winter Olympics.

The events were as to be expecting… uhMAZING. The luge gained a lot of attention because of the incident but I believe it was actually more for the actual action and exhilaration the sports entails. To have a human body travel that fast down a basic ice half-pipe… There’s something to be said about it, even when it’s done successfully.

The Olympics ended in fairytale fashion. the hockey game between the US and Canada was a game that made me say “hold on, this is hockey?! Hmmm…”. The game literally went down to the wire. There was plenty of action from beginning to end. My friend Pete, a die hard hockey fan, told me this was basically what the All-Start game would look like. The game was tied in the last :24 and went into overtime. Canada ended up winning with a winning goal by NHL all-star player Sydney Crosby. It was quite the game and quite the coverage.

I appreciated the Olympic Twitter account and how easy it was to get results and event schedule. There was plenty to watch and NBC made sure those who desired to were not let down. Great job.

Searching in the Daytime with an Engine


After reading the Edelman paper Search Engine Visibility, I was surprised how much of an impact social media is making on search engine results. With something like a music blog, the more times a reader follows a link posted on the site, the more traffic that page get solely because of the music blog. Many sites don’t gain popularity because the webmaster found a new formula for increasing visitors. There could be content on the page that’s been there for years and the site could get piggybacked on a highly trafficked site.

The difficulty bigger companies have with generating a social media “embassy” was surprising to me. Of course there are people on Facebook that will become fans of whatever product they support. The issue I believe companies are running into is the fact they cannot generate MORE income from social sources. The free publicity and support means nothing without there being some kind of increase in profit.

Direct impact of search engine increases are easier to measure and profit from. There are many sites that are willing to pay high traffic websites to advertise on. There are even tools to see how much traffic one site gets on a daily basis. These kinds of social media influences give the public back the bullhorn. We can directly impact the success or failure of almost any business with a public image. Opinions matter now more than ever and businesses are listening more intently.

Social media tools and search engines are going to be incorporated with each other more as time goes by.

… In 140 characters.


@princess_misiaSocial media is democratization of online information. And an amazing way to meet like-minded people!

I like this definition because it’s reads to me something that people should have had but was controlled by corporations. Social Media as the great equalizer. The power restored to the people.

@NikHewitt Where friends, fans, & evangelists are your PR team. Where everything is immediate. Where personal opinion is valued over direct marketing.

I feel like this speaks almost absolutely to Twitter and Facebook. I’ve met people and that I feel like I have a pretty accurate assessment of them; not only because of their friends and families directly, but the RTs or conversations that I could read one’s responses and thought process.

@SimonSanders Social media encourages the free flow of connections, conversations and content and helps ignite communities of interest.

This one is important to be because of how social media is almost solely responsible for creating this immense influx of communities. They have gotten so much more specific and useful. Instead of just an “I love games” forum, one could join a “I’m unbeaten in Monopoly. Board and console.” We can’t finally really connect with people on such a miniscule level.

@mikelizun Where words, photos, videos, & ideas can be created and published by anyone, and shared with, searched for, found by everyone.

This is the double-edged sword that is social media. On one hand, sharing pictures, notes, and original ideas with a specific group of one’s friends is invaluable. The issue is, if it’s shared with 2 or 3 friends, you’re sharing it with ALL of your friends. In many other cases, people don’t privatize the account and have it out for the world to see. It’s a delicate balance or line between interested/obsessed.

My explanation of social media is: social media helps you connect with those you wouldn’t. One can specify queries, issues, and interests. Sharing your world with the world.

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Keeping your cover letter on TARGET by Meshae Hankerson


It’s funny how basic we need to keep our cover letters but it’s still necessary to customize per application. Many cover letters are pretty generic and I’ve even seen some that are way too gaudy. I’m sure event planning and coordination positions have to yield a certain… pizzaz and creativity. Hopefully music and representation will show the same open eye towards out-of-the-box notions.

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James Kicklighter’s blog:

Topic of the Week: Haiti and Social Media

unfortunately natural disasters always serve as double-edged swords. In this case, we have devastation to a people who barely have anything to begin with. On the other, we have the world united at their back. Social media has made it extremely easy to get the stories of strife and struggle to the masses. We, in turn, have the ability to donate with a simple text message. I can’t think of any other relief efforts that yielded such a favorable and expeditious response. One can hope that we don’t forget in month’s time. Great post James.


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Quest’s blog

An artist that makes this kind of music will find it exceedingly difficult to have a breakout, mainstream career. Thankfully, you’re going to make music for those that of us that know a small, independent Chinese food spots will always be superior to Panda Express. How WalMart NEVER has some of the candy and potato chip flavors the bodegas have. This mixtape definitely flexes your lyrical capabilities. You’re method of incorporating not just your financial pitfalls, but the emotional and psychological beating you’ve endured and still are recuperating from. The struggles are my favorite part of your message and they are eloquently stated. Keep having fun with masterful work like “Broken Headphones” and intellectual gumbo like “How Thoughtful” and you will have a dedicated following. You already have a soldier right here *Salute*