Something that has started to bother me is our value. Our value as friends. Our value as lovers. Our value as relatives,  and so on.

Lately, my value as a partner has undergone much scrutiny. There is a certain respect I have for women. Mainly from awe at how illogically dangerous they have the capacity to be. Other than that, what respect do I owe women? And men for that matter, too.

Anything given freely, garners a level of respect. Money, pussy, lasagna, A’s… When it’s traded for something of similar value, different respect level.

You don’t respect someone you can hustle.

And the hustle I’ve been played by is an unequal exchange of time and energy… for the possibility of having sex.

Casual conversation is equal to casual sex. It’s that simple.

The witty conversation the woman is engaged in makes me a suitor.  The conversation I’m maintaining (by saying interesting things and making a woman smile) tells the woman she is a suitor.
(generally speaking. I know this isn’t every conversation)

This is an equal exchange. Anything more tips the scales and becomes a hustle.

My value as an employee has taken a new perspective. Until people come to a business with value,  businesses will be free to do as they are. There are people put in places to benefit the business. They’re already working a job that belittles they’re time. Why would I think they would tend to the restoration of value in others?
A business,  ideally,  doesn’t give a fuck about the employee. Many do,  but that’s at a loss to the business. Many bigger businesses do only what they have to. And many are below that standard. It’s all about what one can get away with while making the most with the least

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