Being a Liger in PR


Our Professor Nixon had a chance to interview Martin Waxman, co-founder and president of Palette Public Relations, Inc. In the interview, Mr. Waxman was asked to impart some knowledge on our youthfully vigorous class about what an aspiring Public Relations professional should be equipped with while on the job hunt.

“A great understanding of traditional media relations,” is one of the things Martin said that really stuck out to me. We’re all here trying to make sure our blogs are up to par and making sure our social media image is tasteful that we tend to forget how media relations were before the social media era. To be a part of Martin’s team, one doesn’t necessarily have to blog constantly or have a Twitter account, but one must know how they function. There will be a time where both are necessary and having those tools are ideal. Being able to connect or be aware of social media “giants” on Twitter that contribute to the professional community and to show that you’re using Twitter intelligently.

With that being said, I want to harp on a very important story Mr. Waxman shared with us. Upon viewing a student’s blog, there were a bevy of “typographical and spelling errors…” With being a college student, especially a soon-to-be-graduating junior or senior, these are inexcusable. There is no reason to have these kinds of mistakes on an ONLINE BLOG. It either shows a disregard for material or a genuine ignorance of the English language.

The interview was interesting and it has be reviewing my blog posts to double check on my own mistakes. Thanks for taking the time out Mr. Waxman!

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