PR Open Mic Review


As PR Open Mic becomes a popular site amongst PR professionals and students, many interesting things have been added to it. is a site dedication to the convergence of those who practice Public Relations. Students and professors, freelance PR practitioners or actual professionals in the Public Relations realm helping students gets connected and get ahead of the curve by learning from the experiences and mistakes those in the industry and trying to break in may make.

At first, I found PR Open Mic (PROM) to be a sort of PR chat room. There were really not too many places for information to be posted and shred. There also weren’t too many contributors so new information took a while to get to the page.

In the last couple of months, there was a surge. New students asking questions and posting Twitter names for a constant connect sprung up and there was much more traffic at the site. The site also changed appearances and it grew in number. The New Age feel of the site did wonders to being there. I would actually take the time to browse through many tabs and profiles. Events quickly became my favorite tab just to see the creative events many have come up with here.

Despite I haven’t been a frequent visitor of the site, I’m constantly seeing suggestions and information that’s posted on the site. PROM was a great idea and it helps us students stay on task and in touch with other students. We can gauge how our organizations are doing against the same organizations in other schools and be critiqued by professors at both schools.

PROM is another social site that works well for those interested in that field of work. Making a pseudo-Facebook site for a major that’s as interactive as PR is a great idea and we’re benefitting from the growth the site is experiencing


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