The Lowdown on FourSq(Where)


Foursquare is an interesting way of connecting with businesses and updating people on restaurants, garages, and just about any other place where money can be exchanged. This is an easy way of gauging customer satisfaction if you’re the business, great way to report opinions of the establishment if you’re the patron, and suggestions and locations if you’re new to the area.

The best thing about the application is it makes mini-travel a game. I can cheaply compete with friends or anyone new to the are that needs a certain service. Becoming mayors of different places also encourages traffic, which all companies need. I’ve found myself at the library and WalMart more often times to maintain my title as Mayor than to actually utilize those locations.

Of course there is always a danger to have the public know your whereabouts. There are the Ocean’s 11 that will friend you on FourSquare and find out when you leave the compound so they can stick a tail on you and ransack your estate. I see no real threat in having something like FourSquare become and active part in our social networking lives. The risk is there but until something extraordinary occurs, FourSquare will maintain is danger color: beige.

This application will join in making #tweetups more fun and we always can go for some competition, especially amongst people we may not know.

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