Podcasting is quickly becoming the way many people get just the information we need. There is a podcast for nearly any topic one could imagine. From politics to poultry recipes, podcasts are many times, commercial free and there is no need sifting through news unrelated to the podcast.

I’ve started using podcasts in the morning time to take the place of watching the news when I wake up. My alarm goes off and the podcast starts and recaps the news in areas of the world I’m interested in. Before podcasting, it would be a bit more difficult to follow the news on Apple’s 4g iPhone specs or the unsigned MCs coming out of Miami and New York.

Podcasts are our own little news channels that we can tune into whenever we want. The information will just sit there until we so choose. Episodes can be downloaded and saved to a computer or music player and listened to on the ride to work or class. These are the most opportune times to get the news you want to get and not filter through news of other topics.

This is a great way for companies to get reviews and new products out to those interested. Sites like Gizmodo and Engadget have podcasts that preview and review different phones and mobile devices. They speak about the specs and overall feel and look. For the tech junkie, a podcast like this would be perfect. There are times when one just isn’t afforded the time of battery power to peruse through a site to find and compare different devices they find interesting.

RSS + MP3 V.2 by Alan Joyce.

Podcasts are definitely a growing way to get information on any topic and it gives the public the power to share.

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