The Good Kind of Viral


The thing that makes viral videos catch on so quickly is, many times, they are real life situations caught on camera. Shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos cashed in on the fact that we love seeing candid events. That’s another reason why things like seeing a son hit his father’s pitch right down the “middle” will always be funny. In SitComs, we expect this behavior and may chuckle at it but in real life, they are precious gems.

In comes YouTube, the site that lets you watch as many of these types of videos as possible. From amazing motorcycle stunts to goats sounding like people, these are the rare real world situations that won’t be missed or the negatives too old for one to properly see the images.

Two of my all-time favorite viral videos are: daft hands and The Landlord. I loved Daft hands when I first saw it simply because of how much time went into getting it correct. The commitment was serious and the outcome, phenomenal. The Landlord was another classic simply because of Pearl. She makes the video. Not much else can be said


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