I’ve never watched this much NBC: Winter Olympics Wrap-Up


I must say, I’ve found myself watching more and more Winter Olympics these part couple of years. The PR is great; partly, I’m sure, due to the face NBC spend over $800 Million to have exclusive rights to show the different events. First I’d like for us not to forget Nodar Kumaritashvili and how precious life is. The untimely and most unfortunate passing of Nodar was not swept under the rug or turned a blindside to. I was reminded of the tragedy and I felt there was an appropriate amount of televised mourning.

Upsettingly, I missed the opening celebration of the Olympics, which I heard was amazing. Countries spend and amass fortunes from the competition and as I understand it, Canada spared no expense to thrill the audience will a visually stunning introduction to the Winter Olympics.

The events were as to be expecting… uhMAZING. The luge gained a lot of attention because of the incident but I believe it was actually more for the actual action and exhilaration the sports entails. To have a human body travel that fast down a basic ice half-pipe… There’s something to be said about it, even when it’s done successfully.

The Olympics ended in fairytale fashion. the hockey game between the US and Canada was a game that made me say “hold on, this is hockey?! Hmmm…”. The game literally went down to the wire. There was plenty of action from beginning to end. My friend Pete, a die hard hockey fan, told me this was basically what the All-Start game would look like. The game was tied in the last :24 and went into overtime. Canada ended up winning with a winning goal by NHL all-star player Sydney Crosby. It was quite the game and quite the coverage.

I appreciated the Olympic Twitter account and how easy it was to get results and event schedule. There was plenty to watch and NBC made sure those who desired to were not let down. Great job.


5 thoughts on “I’ve never watched this much NBC: Winter Olympics Wrap-Up

  1. mbutle

    I also missed the opening of the Olympic games, and I was equally upset about it. I didnt watch ANY of the games, so your brief run down of the winners was VERY informative. This is the most televised sports competition in the entire world, and its amazing to see how countries show their nationalism and pride. And seeing social media cooperate with the Olympic Games shows how far we have come with technology. I wonder what Twitter will do next?

  2. It is interesting how the network handled the death of an athlete for the actual games. Considering it is the fault of the designers of the track, I wonder if there was any conflict of interest regarding the reporting of NBC News vs. the NBC Olympics. Thanks for your thoughts!

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