… In 140 characters.


@princess_misiaSocial media is democratization of online information. And an amazing way to meet like-minded people!

I like this definition because it’s reads to me something that people should have had but was controlled by corporations. Social Media as the great equalizer. The power restored to the people.

@NikHewitt Where friends, fans, & evangelists are your PR team. Where everything is immediate. Where personal opinion is valued over direct marketing.

I feel like this speaks almost absolutely to Twitter and Facebook. I’ve met people and that I feel like I have a pretty accurate assessment of them; not only because of their friends and families directly, but the RTs or conversations that I could read one’s responses and thought process.

@SimonSanders Social media encourages the free flow of connections, conversations and content and helps ignite communities of interest.

This one is important to be because of how social media is almost solely responsible for creating this immense influx of communities. They have gotten so much more specific and useful. Instead of just an “I love games” forum, one could join a “I’m unbeaten in Monopoly. Board and console.” We can’t finally really connect with people on such a miniscule level.

@mikelizun Where words, photos, videos, & ideas can be created and published by anyone, and shared with, searched for, found by everyone.

This is the double-edged sword that is social media. On one hand, sharing pictures, notes, and original ideas with a specific group of one’s friends is invaluable. The issue is, if it’s shared with 2 or 3 friends, you’re sharing it with ALL of your friends. In many other cases, people don’t privatize the account and have it out for the world to see. It’s a delicate balance or line between interested/obsessed.

My explanation of social media is: social media helps you connect with those you wouldn’t. One can specify queries, issues, and interests. Sharing your world with the world.


3 thoughts on “… In 140 characters.

  1. I like these assorted definitions of Social Media through Twitter. It’s a very unique approach. I’ve got to agree with @mikelizun, he’s really got it right. You’re sharing with all of your friends, but your also sharing with the internet and all of your web friends. For me, I have a lot of information on the internet, so I have to be very careful about what I share via social media. Thanks for your insight!

  2. “Social media helps you connect with those you wouldn’t. One can specify queries, issues, and interests. Sharing your world with the world.” That’s a good way to look at it. There are so many opportunities that wouldn’t be possible without all the recent advances in social media. It’s great to think that one can exchange thoughts and ideas with thousands without ever leaving their computer. I like this idea and hate it at the same time. It seems sometimes that the more people get caught up in virtual reality, the more detached from actual reality they become. My goal is to keep a comfortable balance between the two worlds.

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