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Keeping your cover letter on TARGET by Meshae Hankerson


It’s funny how basic we need to keep our cover letters but it’s still necessary to customize per application. Many cover letters are pretty generic and I’ve even seen some that are way too gaudy. I’m sure event planning and coordination positions have to yield a certain… pizzaz and creativity. Hopefully music and representation will show the same open eye towards out-of-the-box notions.

Comment 2

James Kicklighter’s blog:

Topic of the Week: Haiti and Social Media

unfortunately natural disasters always serve as double-edged swords. In this case, we have devastation to a people who barely have anything to begin with. On the other, we have the world united at their back. Social media has made it extremely easy to get the stories of strife and struggle to the masses. We, in turn, have the ability to donate with a simple text message. I can’t think of any other relief efforts that yielded such a favorable and expeditious response. One can hope that we don’t forget in month’s time. Great post James.


Comment 3

Quest’s blog

An artist that makes this kind of music will find it exceedingly difficult to have a breakout, mainstream career. Thankfully, you’re going to make music for those that of us that know a small, independent Chinese food spots will always be superior to Panda Express. How WalMart NEVER has some of the candy and potato chip flavors the bodegas have. This mixtape definitely flexes your lyrical capabilities. You’re method of incorporating not just your financial pitfalls, but the emotional and psychological beating you’ve endured and still are recuperating from. The struggles are my favorite part of your message and they are eloquently stated. Keep having fun with masterful work like “Broken Headphones” and intellectual gumbo like “How Thoughtful” and you will have a dedicated following. You already have a soldier right here *Salute*



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