Social Media in Haiti Crisis


I believe social media is doing it’s part in contributing to the crisis in Haiti. I especially appreciate the ease in which they are allowing people to donate money and items. Just sending a text is enough to send SOME kind of aid to where it belongs. American Red Cross is being covered a lot by CNN.

I’ve been getting most of the information of the crisis from there and the Red Cross is definitely one, if not THE largest group undergoing relief efforts. Of course, it’s difficult to get an objective point of view from any of the major news networks but I feel I’ve gotten a good all-around image of what’s going on. I definitely understand it’s not all happy days and progress. Unfortunately there is still plenty of politics going on and many people are suffering unnecessarily.

My biggest fear is the short term memory our society has developed over the years. We’re really adamant about being involved now that this issue is still fresh. I’m curious about how social media will help with the long-term maintenance of remembering those who have lost EVERYTHING.

Another thing I appreciate from social media’s contribution to the relief efforts are how effective they are at stopping those who seek to benefit off the disaster. I’ve seen many posts and lists of official organizations to donate to as well as many of those who scam. This is vital to get the society to come together and actually make a change, while enjoying the benefits of what we have to offer.

I appreciate the fact we were quick to jump out and help but let’s not be so fast to forget or to get complacent with people that have lost the little they already had to begin with.


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