Holding On


Phone Etiquette:

If you call me and put me on hold soon after, I’m liable to hang up. In fact, it’s guaranteed that I will hang up.

Guaranteed to hang up if:

The reason you put me on hold is because you called someone else before me and they didn’t pick up. Calling me was an afterthought and no feelings are hurt if I don’t hold on.

If I’ve been on hold longer than we’ve been on the phone. there’s no reason to accelerate the cancer.

Please take heed and understand the conditions.



One thought on “Holding On

  1. That’s hilarious. This post says so much in such a short space. A person putting me on hold has to be one of my worst pet peeves. Worst case scenario pertaining to this situation: you call someone with something important to say, and then they put you on hold and don’t come back, forcing you to hang up and call them again. It’s these fickle people that I find myself having less and less time for. Femi, maybe you and I should write a protocol for the correct way approach situations like these. It could potentially save the world, or maybe just a few minutes.

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