Avatar Review


Just left the movie and I was blown away. It’s amazing to see a movie that you KNOW is going to be a classic. To be able to tell our children, “I watched that movie in the theater” is a treat and a blessing.
The core of the movie reminds me a lot of District 9. There are things about our culture that are unjustifiably glorified. Love and understanding are just notions that get in the way of how we “succeed”.

I respect the military. I appreciate what they represent and the structure and discipline it holds true to. That being said, I’ve never been an advocate for following blindly. One should be able to question those who are expected to have one’s best interest at heart. Validation helps one follow with confidence.

Being a tech junkie, I am at a crossroad. On one hand, I want my computer to be as fast as humanly possible. I want to be able to think my tv on and play video games in 3D. On the other hand, I believe we have to protect that which we love. Our world won’t get any better with the advancement of technology but I’ll def be a happier resident.

So what to do?

I don’t want to give the movie away but I want us to be conscious of the issues we play a part in. Prejudging others, cheering on the headstrong G.I., and not taking an objective view of a foreign culture will only lead to us being stranded on deserted minds and possibly planets.


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