S. Korea this summer! Who’s with me?!


Dr. Sun-A Lee came to our International PR class to enlighten all of us. Though many stereotypes stem from something true, most are blown out of proportion.

Dr. Lee spoke with us about the stigmas she faced and noticed when coming to America to further her educational pursuits.

The most surprising thing Dr. Lee told the class was her attraction to African Americans. If I were to compare it to something, it would be like my affinity to… something (nothing came to mind).

Another surprise to me is how many people used the “Asians eat dogs” stereotype. I thought it was something that may have been region-specific in Northern states. When Dr. Lee informed us of WHY people reverted to eating dogs, it was something I wouldn’t have thought twice in doing. At the time, it was strictly South Korea that started eating them out of desperation. Hunger was so rampant in the society that they had very little to consume for survival. Dogs were not thought of as pets. They were probably closer to rats, if anything. There were no “best friend” thoughts as they ate this necessary source of what is needed to live.

Eventually, South Koreans stopped doing that and made them pets as Western society started permeating every corner of the globe. The economy of the country bounced back and there was no longer a need to have dogs as an option.

Very  informative



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