Looking to Albryct Future


We were lucky enough to have Elizabeth Albryct Skype in from France. She’s an established PR practitioner and professor in the land of crepes and was gave some more great information.

The more presentations we have from overseas professionals, the more humbled I am. Many European countries are way past us when it comes to social medias as well. These countries even have more effective campaigns via these mediums. Facebook and Twitter campaigns are strikingly more effective in other countries and are only growing more popular. Asian countries have been immersed in this lifestyle for quote some time and continue to lead the pack with social mediums.

Madam Albryct made us very aware of the need to be fluent in the language of social media. As soon-to-be PR professionals, we must be able to change and contour our events, outreach programs, and campaigns to the target audience. It is extremely important to know and understand how those different audiences will react to the messages we send and make sure to use our ears and eyes twice as much as our voices (via… fingers, for the most part)

She is a blast to follow on Twitter. Her account can be found http://twitter.com/mihaela_v


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