(Dr.) V for Vende… No. V for Voracious


An in-class presentation from Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu, social media advocate and professor at Purdue University, humbled me as a member of the American social media “club”. Ethnocentricsm is almost and thusly, I felt we were leading the way in the social media arena.

Boy was I wrong.

Some exciting information from Dr. V informed me that United States is sitting comfortably in the middle of the pack, at best. Countries like S. Korea, with 45% of it’s population engaging in some kind of blog reading, seem to be decades ahead of us. My mother still thinks you should never pick your blogs. Its always better to blow them into a tissue… =?

As a budding PR practitioner, we have to be mindful of our audience when looking to affect and inform our target audience.

The social medium is very important. Ideas and promotions that may work on Facebook or Flickr may not be receive such a welcome like on Twitter.

Local cultures are, of course, paramount when trying to reach a broad audience; more so if that audience is at an international level.

I thank her and encourage others to seek her blog out here.



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