What is Nice?


Does being nice mean opening the door for someone else? Does it mean giving someone a piece of gum despite the fact that you may not like the person? Or maybe you didn’t want to give your last piece of gum to ANYONE.
We have developed a weird interpretation of “nice.” someone came into NY work place yesterday and asked if she could have one of my coveted Now & Later’s? Now, I don’t know this person from any stranger that walks in on a daily basis. She sees me giving some to a co-worker and just waltzes in expecting the world.
I politely tell her I do not know who she is and will no share my luxuries with her. “You are so mean,” she replied without hesitation.
I asked why. Why do you feel like I’m mean because I didn’t want to give something to someone I don’t know. “Because you’re supposed to share” was her rebut.
“Sharing = caring. If I don’t care about you, why would I share?” Of course this was doing nothing but solidifying my “meanness” so I let it go. I’m tired of doing things just because. If you intend to receive generosity, make sure you have done something to deserve it or don’t be surprised when it doesn’t go your way.



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