It’s always the little things


image1479124611.jpgOne of my biggest pet peeves is one that is inexcusable. We are in college. This means we have all taken English, despite thosethat had to take it > 1 time.
We get to college and think it’s cool to speak incorrectly. This drives me INSANE. I was having drinks with a couple friends, one of which is always in the public eye. She’s been on tv and has placed in several pageant competitions. The deliberate use of poor grammar makes even the prettiest of faces turn dismal to me. “We was the ones that had to get…”. If one were to win a competition, much if which has to do with speaking well, it’s safe to say you know how to speak well. Just because there are people around you that do it, doesn’t make it acceptable.

Let’s get it together all



2 thoughts on “It’s always the little things

  1. That is also one of my biggest pet peeves as well. I know a lot of people spend time looking at the appearance of others, but for me my biggest turn on is a guy with stellar grammatical skills, a nice vocabulary and spectacular teeth/”pearly whites.” Anybody can transform their looks with make-up, a few tattoos, the latest fashionable attire – but if you cannot have a conversation about things that are going on in the world while utilizing proper grammar, I can’t see myself really going past a “hi/bye” type of association with you.

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