Who should bless GSU with musical genius


Battling with this topic, I wanted to pick an artist I believe will be not only amazing to listen to, but one that would leave a lasting impressions. Moreso, I’d like it to be an artist that a lot of people aren’t really aware of so it could be a nice surprise and those that really liked the artist would still be able to get a ticket.

At first I thought John Mayer. Who doesn’t like John?! It would be a sold out crowd in no time and there would be people from all around singing along with him. Wanting to think outside the box, I decided Lupe Fiasco would be my artist of choice. Lupe is a socially conscious, politically- charged hip hop artist that has the vocabulary to appeal to an informed college crowd. Many of his songs speak of what’s going on in the world and issues we should really pay attention to.

Ideally, a college town will be a great venue for him. Many of the students will be able to take away from the message is speaks of and enjoy the experience at the same time.

Lupe, where art thou?


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