The Bee’s Knees of Sunday Eveneengs


My favorite show, which has been for quite some time now, is Entourage. The show really lets you into the lives of the stars and friends.

Vinny Chase is the biggest star on the show but isn’t always the center of the show’s attention. He has an older brother, Drama, who used to be a film star but wasn’t as successful as Vince. He has made his way into tv shows and really struggled on his journey.

Turtle has been Vinny’s best friend since they were kids growing up in NY. He hasn’t made much of himself and struggles living off the success of his best friend. Despite the fact he has a job, being Vince’s driver, Turtle really just accepts an allowance from his best friend.

E is another best friend. 1/4 of the crew from NY, E does his best to represent Vince in all business matters. He too struggles with the choice of whether to try and make it on his own or “allow Vince the pleasure” of keeping his friends close and comfy.

Ari is my favorite character in the show. He’s a cut-throat agent whowill do anything for his clients. He looks out for the Chase Crew when it comes to movie deals and offers. There is little Ari won’t do. He also has the inability to curb is passion and anger when it comes to all facets of his life.

The show comes on HBO every Sunday at 10 and is well worth staying up a bit late.


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