NewsU Recap


One of the most interesting parts of photography is juxtaposition. Not only does it often create humorous moments, but it also tells a story in as little words as humanly possible: none.

This picture depicts two very different members. The child is obviously oblivious to the resentment ‘roos have of the child’s parent in the background and attempt to create a little one of their own.

While the child is clueless to what’s going on around him, the same can be said with the adult in the background that can be interpreted as some kind of authoritative figure of the child.

Another interpretation could be all parties involved are unmindful of their surroundings: the ‘roos of the humans, the child of the “active” kangeroos, and the adult in the back that has no idea of the child in a compromising position, and even the photographer that does not see any pending issue with the picture taken


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