Tex(t) Ed


I’ve been a text (or SMS depending on which side of the track you started on) junkie for quite some time now. I use more texts that minutes and it’s getting worse. Last month I used almost 2k texts and only 151 minutes (including free mins).

Of all the conversations I’ve had, one stuck out more than any other. Funny enough, it was probably the shortest convo I’ve had in some time.

One evening, I received a text from a friend asking me where I’ve been. After informing her of my phone woes, she proceded to inform me that she “texted” me last night.
To my dismay, I couldn’t hide the shagrin this collection of letters caused me. Thank goodness we were conversing via text or I’d have lost a facebook friend.

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t correct her because I didn’t know if it was formally established that that was a terrible thing to say. I was just… Stunned. After some research, I thought I would put my thoughts on the web and inform my circle of friends and followers of this tragic faux pas. Let’s ban together against this… This ever growing abomination and abort that which should not be.

Pay it forward,


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