Things I’ve learned this semester


This has been in many ways, a very eye-opening experience. I’ve learned much both in the world of PR and the classroom

– I definitely appreciate how connected to the world this class was kept. I feel like we were able to tell our friends “You’re JUST getting on Twitter?!” and the Professor Nixon is a big reason for this

– Along with twitter, I’m still developing an appreciation for blogs. I’ve realized that many of the sites I frequent are indeed just jazzed-up blogs. Those that keep me up-to-date with iPhone apps and music are fans just like me who are dedicated to inform the world.

– I realized that PR has a very diverse structure. If you’re in a firm, casual is very different from corporate casual. There are many ways to be professional.

– Writing is a MUST. The ability to get thoughts and ideas documented are almost as important as having the ideas themselves.

– I’ve extremely late on the Podcast train. These are voiceblogs that have caught wind around the same time as weblogging and I need to make a heavy investment in that field as well to stay connected.

– I’ve learned the importance of press releases. I’ve stated previously that words written will reach a far greater audience, in many cases, than words spoken.

– I need to invest in internships quickly! I was blown away when I learned someone that has done an internship EVERY summer of their college career. Honing the skills in the workplace is part of the college workload and I must work on that quickly.

– Something humorous to me was the job interview discussion. Interviews have definitely evolved from our parent’s day and realizing that will help me in major ways. There is still a sort of “waltz” one must dance when on a job interview but sticking out will be one of the most important determining factors.

Intro to PR was a very  enlightening class. The incorporation of media and social media tools made a lasting impression with me. The fact that EVERYTHING was always open to discussion was a plus. Getting students engaged with each other as well as the professor has proved to be a successful method to allow me to retain much of the knowledge gained from this class.


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