Twitter Etiquette Reintroduced.


Twitter has been one of my favorite discoveries in the past year. The great thing about it is you can’t just jump in and become an instant hit. You must work at it. Of course, there is always the competition of having the most followers amongst friends but there should be a certain quality with the number of follower a non-celebrity has.

I haven’t been able to muster the strength to tweet since the theft of my phone. I just feel sometimes that sitting by the computer tweeting can be a little disingenuous on my part. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I’ve fallen in love with the mobility of being able to do it from my iPhone and cannot feel that same way on any other platform.

So being as though twitter is going to become commonplace soon and will be taking the world by storm by the summer, I just want to cover some simple rules of “engagement.”

1. Don’t just tweet about your life. Although it’s ok for your friends to see it, the whole world will be able to view your tweets. Make some of them count.

2. Contribute. You being you is awesome but for those that aren’t lucky enough to know you, give them something that sets you apart. Personality in tweets is essential for you, your followers, and Twitter as a growing COMMUNITY.

BrQuality not quantity. Unless you are having one of the most amazing days ever, there is no need to have 100 tweets in a day. And if they all are that necessary, that better not turn into a daily affair. I’ve been excited to turn my updates OFF for some friends who foolishly comment every time they blink their eyes.

Let’s see how far this gets,

Nahledge of Self



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