Seth Godin a Human Comm. major??? hmm…


The sense of a tribe has always been an innate desire of every human, rich or poor, black or white, Catholic or Bhuddist. Monks in the most secluded parts of the world become a family within themselves and begin a family or “tribe” of their own. For some reason, we have never been taught to hold these wishes high. Of course, we want to have family or friends but one would think if it’s a NEED of ours, if would be mentioned more when kids are asked how they envision their lives  as adults.

Stars are only stars because we are they to see them. Without those that aren’t to validate their existence, they can never truly shine. So we should be expecting the basketball player pay homage to the fans, he’s spending more money that many of us will never see. And it’s all because of us.

We should be more appreciative of not only the people that have blessed us with amazing music and movies as well as all sorts of educational experiences and cinematic adventures. They are validated by us that understand what they do isn’t an easy feat. We all need a little bit of love for something we have a knack for.

Nahledge of Self



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