10 Tips for Job Searching


1. Figure out what you want to do. Don’t look for any job. Focus on a field/profession you really want to be in and be adamant about searching for the specific job.
2. Be repetitive. Just because you looked at Monster.com today doesn’t mean those are the only job available. Continually check back in and keep up with updates.
3. Contour your resumé for specific jobs. Don’t send the same generic resume to everyone. Tailor each to what the job asks for.
4. Be patient. With our economy in the dumps, patience is the key. Don’t get discouraged.
5. Ask for face to face time where applicable. Many times, it’s easier for someone to remember you if they have personal interactions.
6. Know the company. If you’re looking for a job in advertising, make sure to know the industry and set yourself apart from other applicants by the knowledge you possess.
7. Use the net. The Internet makes it extremely easy to contact several places. Don’t let that be a crutch. Get out there if need be.
8. Keep track. I’m sure HR people don’t seeing the same resume sent several times a day. Keep track of who you spoke with and who has your information.
9. Keep resume updated. An up-to-date resume is vital for job searches. You never know what experience you possess is what a company is looking for.
10. No opportunity is a dead end. No matter what options you come by, treat every single one of them as if they are the ONLY chance you have. You never know who knows who.


6 thoughts on “10 Tips for Job Searching

  1. tb718

    hey femi….how is class going? are you getting this blog thing? are you on twitter still? I cant get with that either…

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