PR Eras


When it comes to relating to the public, I believe we are in the most important era. Despite the fact people are typing rather than talking face-to-face, we have never been able to contact more people across a much broader spectrum. Wih online gaming at a height it’s never seen, I can get to know someone from Bangladesh just by having my WoW charater pwn them.

It’s so much easier to reach intended audiences, not just from the PR stand point, but from a personal one as well. I chuckled when I ran across a chain of #TYPSBUT’s across twitter for no apparent reason, but I’m sure not many did. We can reach so many more people that I really don’t feel bad about losing some of the face-to-face time. When we do engage in personal meetings, they will mean so much more because you already know the person you are speaking with really understands what you’re trying to say. With Twitter, i can look up someone’s posts and get a feel of how that person is, and therefore approach them the way I think they will respond the best.

Social media has made more of an impact on my major than any other in my opinion.

People complain that the computer age has made us less communicative and that we’re losing out on what makes us human. I disagree. I’ve taken on the challenge of interacting with people I have a genuine curiosity about. I don’t get discouraged by their “dirty looks” or the way they dress. I get to see someone for their mind and what it has to offer.

That’s my spiel



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